How I bagged up my stress + donated it.

“Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.” -Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists

So picture this…an 806 square foot house, 2 bedrooms…1 itty bitty bathroom. A tiny kitchen, and a living room big enough for a couch, chair and tv. Add in two fluffy white dogs, two adult humans, and one tiny little human (and all the giant bouncers and play mats he enjoys!)

Welcome to my home! Continue reading


A prayer for mommas.

To all the mommas out there that have been up all night, or are having trouble consoling a crying baby, or are frustrated that there is sweet potato smeared in every crack and crevice, or are sad that it’s monday and that means daddy goes back to work…to all the mommas who just need a prayer, here you go. May God find you right where you are. Continue reading

A love-hate relationship.

The first moment I held my boy, 4 hours after he was taken out via emergency c-section.

5 months ago, when I was awake every two hours, all night long, with a crying, hungry newborn baby…I admit that I was hoping time would go faster, and hoping for some longer periods of sleep, and hoping he would decide to sleep during the night instead of the day.  Continue reading