Half birthdays deserve cake, too.

I know, I know. A six month old can’t even eat cake yet…let’s just say the cake is more-so for the pictures…and momma + daddy. 😍

Today we celebrate this six month old- he’s HALF A YEAR OLD ALREADY! 

We also “celebrate”… 

  • 184 sleepless nights (and 184+ prayers begging God to help Z sleep through the night)
  • about 800 dirty diapers changed
  • only having poop hit me in the face once
  • roughly 78 baths
  • the unfortunate demise of 9 onesies from prune juice stains
  • 4,416 hours of unconditional love
  • breast milk only being spilled 2 times
  • baby’s first haircut
  • Z sitting up and eating on his own
  • many trips together as a family
  • 26 weeks and 2 days of constant learning
  • mostly happy days, spitting bubbles and a lot of laughter

Z enjoyed his cake as much as I enjoyed making and decorating it. His look of curiosity made the mess at the end worth it. (Don’t worry, he didn’t eat more than the crumbs on his fingers, and the dairy free frosting didn’t upset his tummy!)

I can’t even believe how fast this time has gone. I’ve truly cherished it all, even though I’m wishing time would slow down. I’ve had great days, long days, emotional days, frustrating days, trying days, and joyful days on this momma journey so far. Z’s little laugh and smile makes every day a great day (truth- don’t forget to count your blessings.) Praise God for creating him just how he is.

In six more months, Z will actually be eating his first (healthy, dairy-free) birthday cake and I’ll have so much more to be grateful for. 

Happy half birthday, my beautiful boy. 💙


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