Never stop dating. 

I know, life is hectic and there are 3 schedules that pull you in opposite directions. 

There is a house that needs to be cleaned and laundry that needs to be done.

There is an empty fridge that is calling out to you, but grocery shopping is the last thing you want to do.

You’re exhausted. Your husband is exhausted. The kids are probably exhausted, too…maybe. And although spending a day on the couch watching Netflix again does seem appealing….

I’m here to tell you how important it is to keep (or start!!) dating your spouse once your married. And equally important…keep dating your spouse after you have kids!

Quality time together is crucial. 

That quality time can also include family dates! 

We’ve gotten to enjoy quite a few of those lately, and boy, they sure are a pick-me-up when the days all seem to blend together with dirty dishes and top knots and wrinkly laundry.

We’ve found that taking a precious day off is best filled with a new adventure. Whether that be the zoo, a museum, a fun ice cream shop, a hockey game, a walk in a new park… Anything that gets us out of the day-to-day grind and allows us to smile, laugh, hold hands, be free, and maybe even learn new things! (And it doesn’t always have to cost money, either. Be creative!)

The kids will love seeing the animals at the zoo, and you might just get to sneak in a few kisses by the otters with that fella of yours. 

And you’ll love watching the excitement in your child’s face when they see new things and creative exhibits at the museum that’ll grow their knowledge. 

And if you get lucky, and grandma takes the baby…go explore with your spouse, make a crazy romantic date. Be spontaneous. Try a new restaurant. Eat spaghetti like in Lady And The Tramp (I want to do this so bad!) Or, just go take the camping chairs, go to the beach, cuddle under a blanket, and watch the stars as the waves crash. (Just typing this makes me want to call 1-800-GRA-NDMA!)

Point is: date

It’s good for your kids to see you loving your spouse, dating your spouse, and then including them in adventures, too. 

Oh yeah…and drink Starbucks…because that’s a fun little date, too! 😉


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