To the Mom who is losing it

Motherhood is beautiful. But some times, the times are tough and ugly. One of the most important things I’ve learned in the last 10 months is this: this too shall pass. 

Breathe, just breath. You’re doing a great job. And you are appreciated (even when it doesn’t feel that way.)

She has a two-and-a-half year old and an eight week old. The rambunctious toddler was slamming his trucks on the ground as he drove them around while this momma was trying to shush the newborn to sleep in the wagon. She yelled at the loud boy and immediately looked embarrassed when she seen me watching. 

It’s okay. 

I’m not judging you. 

We all have our moments of weakness, when we are losing our minds and the easiest thing seems to be yelling to get your point across. 

This too shall pass.

She had a screaming toddler in the booth next to me, who kept kicking the seat and throwing a fit. She kept mouthing “I’m so sorry” as she shook her head in complete hopelessness.

It’s okay

You seriously don’t have to be sorry.

That is real life and kids throw tantrums. We can’t help where they happen, or when. I have a 9-month old that is unpredictable, too. Don’t give up, you’re not alone. 

This too shall pass.

She was in the isle with me at Meijer. This child obviously wasn’t happy his momma said no, and the high pitched screams had everyone looking at her. Some people shook their heads. Some just stared in disbelief. She looked like she would burst into tears.

It’s okay

This probably wasn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. Anyone who is a parent will understand. And those that don’t…don’t let them break you. You’re doing the best you can. Not giving in to your child’s every want will be beneficial in the long run, even when it doesn’t feel that way in the middle of the grocery store.

This too shall pass.

She’s been following a naked butt around the house all day, cleaning up pee from the walls and floor. This potty training is taxing and she just wants to sit down. 

It’s okay.

Put the diaper back on and take a much needed break. There is always tomorrow. It’s a process. You’re doing fine. Don’t forget that when you’re encouraging your little one…encourage yourself, too. You got this. Keep trying. Bravo for braving the process. 

This too shall pass.

She has a 4 day old who won’t sleep at night. She’s so tired from the birth and hospital stay and she can’t stop crying. She just wants a couple hours of sleep but her fresh little one has other plans. She’s getting frustrated as the hours drag on.

It’s okay. 

It’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to get frustrated. Deep breaths. Ask for help. Pray.

This too shall pass…

…all too quickly, actually. You’ll soon be rubbing your sleepy eyes and realize you have a 10-month old already and you have no clue where the time went. Time really does fly…even though it doesn’t seem that way at 1am…and 2am…and 3:30am…and 5am….

She has been on her knees begging God for a baby for years. She is so angry, and heartbroken, and so sad. She wants to give up but yet wants a child so badly. Her husband is trying to hold it together but he desires a baby, too. They feel like they are falling apart.

It’s okay. 

You’re allowed to feel all those feelings. 

You’re allowed to hurt and cry. Just don’t give up. Keep trusting that God has the greatest plan for your family, whatever and however that may be. And most of the time His plan and timing isn’t ours. Let God fill your heart with light and hope. It can’t be dark forever. 

This too shall pass. 

To all the moms not mentioned…the ones running on caffeine and dry shampoo, the ones doing it alone and the ones that just feel like they are, the ones with dirty counters and a stack of unpaid bills, the ones with more kids than you have arms and everyone wants your full attention, the ones that lost a child and the ones that keep waiting for that call saying their long-awaited child has been born…and to every momma in between…

It’s okay.

All the feelings you feel…let yourself feel them. If you need a little “you-time”, take it and don’t be ashamed! Pray hard and pray often-let God’s grace cover you when you feel like you’ve failed Him over and over. And don’t forget that you’re doing great, you’re doing the very best you can and that’s all that matters. You’re a mom. There is no handbook. No right or wrong. Just love them fiercely and pray for them with all you got, and remember, asking for help is 100% okay. 

All those feelings of losing it…they too shall pass. You’re not alone. I promise. I’ll be praying for you


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