A Wild ONE Birthday Party!


This past weekend we celebrated our Z’s first birthday with a backyard party! Family and friends came to love on our boy, and it was such a perfect evening.

I love simple things, and simple themes. I love gold, and creative lettering, and marquee letters and hipster things. So here is my combination of all of those loves. (I of course was so busy I forgot to take detailed photos, but here are some!)

Some of the party details:

I had all the guests prepare a time capsule letter for Z to open on his 18th birthday. They could write whatever they wanted and put photos or anything they wished inside it. That should be fun for him to read and maybe even see if anyone predicted who our boy will be in 17 years!

The smash cake was made by one of my talented friends at Bailey’s Baked Goods!

I turned our garden into a giant sandbox with a 8′ kiddie pool, sand toys, and a water table! It’s like a beach party in your back yard!

We had a camp fire going with string lights strung around the patio. Felt like a relaxing summer evening! Oh and it was the most perfect Michigan weather, too!

Z had a complete riot! He laughed so much, enjoyed everyone’s company, and even slept all night despite all the sugar!

Here’s to a successful first birthday party!



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