Seeing PINK!

As most of you know, we had our gender reveal party this past weekend.

I definitely had mixed feelings because with my first pregnancy, we didn’t find out the gender, and that was amazing. I loved that. I loved the not-knowing…

I didn’t know if knowing what this child was would change my love for him or her, or would alter my mindset in any way…but we decided to find out regardless.

My parents threw us a party and it was wonderful. Only way it could have been better? If it wasn’t cold and raining!

My friend photographed the day, starting with the envelope that contained the big surprise!

Then she stuffed the Mario box I made with the corresponding color of smoke bomb, and we lit that thing!

It was beautiful.

Beautiful, beautiful pink!

There was so much yelling, and screaming and excitement. It was perfect.

My mom and grandma are ecstatic—four generations of women!

As my dad says, “now you have the million dollar family.”

I might have to agree with him.

We are entering new territory here. I thought I would be a boy mom forever. I know boys. I love boys.

Now, we have a girl.

Oh, and knowing the gender this time, definitely makes me more excited, and might even make me love her even more (if that’s even possible???)

Very much looking forward to this new adventure. And praying daily over our children, that no matter what, they know and love Jesus Christ, and that they choose to share Him with the world! 💕💙🙏🏼

We are so grateful for all that came out to help us celebrate our sweet girl!

We are about four months away from meeting HER!!!


22 thoughts on “Seeing PINK!

  1. This is the absolute coolest way I’ve ever seen a reveal party to go. A smoke bomb, wow! Sooo excited for you! We have a boy first and girl 18 months later and LOVE it. Less wrestling than I thought, but our boy has learned to be gentle early.

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