Mama Nourishment

They say each pregnancy is different.

True that.

This second one doesn’t come close to comparing to the easiness of the first one. So I’m figuring out different ways to relax, pamper myself and take it easy.

And at the same time, laughing at myself because “take it easy” is a joke with a 18 month old running around while packing up our home and moving.

But I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Well…maybe the swollen feet, heartburn and back pain.

So I may have just found the best mom-treat.

It’s called Bump Boxes and I’m sad my 33 week bump and I didn’t find out about this sooner!


This monthly subscription box is curated just for mamas and their growing bumps. It’s filled with healthy, fun products for pregnancy and beyond! Each box is tailored to mom’s due date and can continue until their little one’s first birthday!


I love love subscription boxes.

They are full of surprises each month and they are a fun way to discover new products that I wouldn’t normally buy!

This box is no exception.


Let me share these amazing things with you!

Being 32 weeks pregnant, this box is all about relaxing–and we all know I need that right now! This box has me covered from head to toe! (Literally!)

Raydiant Apparel Fitband


Starting with my head! Top knots and messy hair is my jam…and this handmade headband is just the ticket to keeping that hair out of my face. Chasing a toddler and holding a newborn will be a breeze with all that hair (thanks prenatal Vitamins!) kept out of my face (and babe’s face while breastfeeding!!)

Loving this product already! And it’s machine washable–mom win!

lips by ToGoSpa



I am addicted to keeping my kisser fresh (I kiss a lot in one day!) This packet has 3 lip treatments in it, each micro-infused collagen gel mask is filled with aloe, vitamins C and E, amino acids and hydrating coconut and allantoin to replenish and moisturize lips!

After one application, I could tell my lips were softer and well hydrated. And Z thought it was hilarious to see mama with big, white lips! What a good quality product!

Bring on the baby kisses!!

ellovi Ginger Lemon Lip Butter



Keeping with the lip loving…if you know me, you know I’m all about essential oils, chemical free and being a healthy mom. Well this might be my new favorite addition!

There are only 6 ingredients in this and they are the purest on the planet. Coconut, sunflower, macadamia seed oil, shea, ginger root and lemon oil! I may be ordering more of these with my 15% off code that comes with my box! YUM.

Bump Life water bottle


What a fun and handy bottle to keep me hydrated, so I can keep these braxton hicks at bay! This will not only benefit me now, but in my hospital bag, next to my glider for late night feedings, and through all of motherhood!

It’s also BPA-free and dishwasher safe! This stuff keeps getting better and better (and mom friendly!)

Bella B Post Pregnancy Recovery Cream


Halfway through and we have an awesome addition to that post-baby body! With skin firming and cellulite control technology, this cream is sure to help tone that skin after baby! It’s hypoallergenic, paraben free, and has a mild, fresh (and good!!) scent!

I’ve heard great things about this product line so I’m excited to try it!

Foot Rubz Massage Ball


We made it to our feet, and let me tell you what, I’m so excited about this! This massage ball uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques to apply pressure to relax muscles, reduce tension and increase circulation! I’ll be using this now and after baby and beyond!

Who doesn’t love a good foot massage!

Glow 9 Organics Foot Soak


Last, but certainly not least…

Organic white grapefruit and lavender essential oil foot soak! This is seriously my jam! It’s formulated FOR PREGNANCY! Holla at yo’ mama, this is the best. You can bet I’ll be soaking my tired, swollen feet in this nightly!

It smells like what I imagine Heaven smells like and looks absolutely gorgeous (in the jar and in Z’s tub!)


This subscription box is a winner!

If you’re pregnant, or know someone that is…you won’t be disappointed! I will use every single one of these things and I’m so excited about them! Being a mom is hard work, so this little box of goodies is the perfect surprise each month!


Here is to happy feet, happy mamas, and happy, relaxing, all-about-you moments!

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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