Why we chose a Modular Home

I try very hard not to care what other people think. But sometimes stereotypes and stigmas get the best of me.

So when my mom showed me a Craigslist listing for a modular home in December, I blew her off immediately. There was no way I would live in one of “those”.

I was once trapped in the mindset of any pre-fabricated home being labeled as “trailer-trash”…and you’d understand why I have those feelings if you ever drive down our road…

But the moment we walked through a model, I gawked! I may have squealed, too!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was actual drywall, it was open-floor plans, it was modern upgrades and beautiful kitchens! It was…home, I could just feel it!

I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I knew this was changing the game, and my mindset.

But even as excited as I was for the home we picked, I still thought people would put a label on me because of the kind of house I lived in.

Silly me.

Seriously, because for one…this is just our temporary dwelling on this earth. It’ll all be gone when Jesus comes back.

And for two…this modular home is a pre-fabricated palace!!!

So I stand here today in front of the beauty that we will soon call home. Where we will make memories for a lifetime. Where we will raise our family and fill the rooms with laughter, love, prayers and growth. Where no stereotype or stigma will get in my way.

Here are some of the reasons we chose a modular:

1. The Cost

It’s truly a sellers market right now; meaning we sold our 809 sqft home in Grand Rapids for about the same price as we are building this 3200 sqft home in Big Rapids!

I searched tirelessly for a home around this size and was only finding houses triple the amount we could afford. That’s just crazy.

Modular homes are tremendously less than a stick built home, which is what we originally planned to build. So it was a no-brainer.

2. The Time

We sold our home in one day. We didn’t really have a plan, besides moving to a new city and living on my parents 20 acres. But we were starting this process in the dead of winter, and the fact that modulars are built in a warehouse in a couple days time…we knew it would take much less time to go this route than to build the whole thing from the ground up.

And if we didn’t run into so many delays (frost laws, cement scheduling delays, cement curing time…) then we would have been in already, but hey, still quicker than a stick built.

Plus it’s sooooo cool to watch it being put on the basement.

3. The Design

As I said before, I walked into our home (as a model) and my jaw dropped. I was giddy. I felt like I was the person on Fixer Upper that just see their new home for the first time!

We chose many of the upgrades offered, and customized everything the way we wanted (except marble countertops…because who can actually afford those?!?)

We went with Fairmont homes because they were cheaper, but also because they offered our style and beautiful options to choose from!

From our master bath with walk-in-shower, to our master closet…to the floors, to the laundry room and all the spaces in between, this is our dream home. And it’s on a walkout basement, which we get to finish ourselves…a blank canvas! Which also means an office/”man cave” for Jonny!

The fact that we got to make this OURS is what won me over. You’d never know it was a modular.

I appreciate every single one of you who reached out to us regarding our new adventure, or who said they wanted to build one now that they followed our journey! Thank you!! You’ve helped me get more excited by the second!!

Can’t wait to show y’all the inside!! And the 8 week countdown begins until move-in day!!

If you’re interested in the company we went through and you’re in Central and Northern Michigan…check them out HERE!
This post is NOT sponsored by South Park Homes or Fairmont Homes.

20 thoughts on “Why we chose a Modular Home

  1. We grew up in a modular home! When our parents decided to build a house, it was faster and more affordable. We loved it. Our parents still live there and it’s a great house.

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  2. We just sent the specs for our modular to our lender. I had the same exact reaction when we walked into the model home. ‘Oh my word, this place is amazing!!’ No matter how many stick-built house plans we looked at after that I just couldn’t get that gorgeous modular out of my mind. I look forward to following the rest of your journey. I found you on Instagram.☺️

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  3. Dream home? What a joke. Worst experience of my life!! Poor workmanship, unqualified workers, unlevel foundation, bowing decks, on and on and on!!! Please do not trust this company. You will NOT get your money’s worth. South Park homes just gave us empty words. Been in the house for about 5 years. Have met with lawyers due all the problems we have had. Unless we can pay $50,000 retainer fee, we can’t go to court. I’d advise you to stay away from them. The owner talks out of his ears. This was supposed to be my dream retirement home that has left us bitter and took the fun and energy out of the moving process.


  4. This is amazing! Right before we moved to our now 3 bedroom apartment we found a company that had modular homes for rent and sale. I regret signing with our apartment and not moving into the home offered to us.

    I also felt the same about being associated with the “trailer-trash” look but I regret it everyday. I think next year we will take a leap of faith and try it out. Congrats on your home!!

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