Our Modular: the Master Suite


After seven loooonnnngggg months, we are finally moved into our beautiful home. If you’ve been following along in our journey, you know we chose a modular home and put it on an acre of land on my parents property in the middle of nowhere-ville.

We’ve been in here now for over a week and it’s been glorious. I’ve enjoyed making it our own and seeing things we haven’t seen in seven months that have been buried in storage (and realizing we can live without so much junk!)

I wanted to bring you all on a room-by-room tour, and we’re starting with our own little oasis–our master suite.

Welcome to tranquility (and minor kid screaming and messes.)

Our suite is complete with a walk-in closet and a bathroom with walk-in shower and double sinks. All of our “must-haves” when we started this house building journey.


On the main wall of our bedroom, I put shiplap on the walls (thanks to my handy dad’s help) and we filled the room with the greatest, most classy bedroom set from Ameriwood Furniture.

I’m obsessed with all things farmhouse, and barn wood, so this is my special space that I’ve been dreaming about and sometimes I’m too excited to even sleep at night!


Our Bassinger bedroom set includes a queen size headboard, a six drawer dresser, a five drawer dresser and two nightstands. They all come in boxes and you assemble them yourselves (which is surprisingly easy and can be accomplished alone even, but easier with someone else.)

Even Little Z liked to help build the nightstand! (Enjoy this time-lapse!)

The drawers are so spacious and they glide so easily. And the handles are so simple and lovely. I can’t say enough good things about these pieces.

It’s classy.

It’s simple to put together.

It looks just like barnwood.

It’s just what I wanted.

It’s helped create a space that we can make memories in.


We’ve never had matching bedroom furniture before, so sometimes I just stand there and stare at it.

It’s. So. Beautiful.

I’m so excited to share this first room with you and hope you’ll stay tuned for more.

*I was given this bedroom set from Ameriwood Home in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and photos are my own.

7 thoughts on “Our Modular: the Master Suite

  1. Oh my goodness!! I am in total disbelief at how beautiful it turned out. I absolutely love the unique style of the bathroom. I would just stay in that bathroom and grin all day.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the home. I hope you continue this home tour because it is giving me life.

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